MUSIC: Maestro Music | Maestro xo Lucy Ft. Asaph & Stein - Commitment | @maestromusic10

Maestro Music | Maestro xo Lucy Ft. Asaph & Stein - Commitment | @maestromusic10

Maestro drops another banger🔥,new fire single titled, " Commitment " from Maestro Music featuring, Asaph & Stein, produced by Canmix. In anticipation of walking down the aisle and tying the knot soon. 

Let's go make our dreams come true! 👊


Commitment - Lyrics | Maestro xo Lucy Ft. Asaph & Stein



Truly I'm a freaking mess 

Only you can fix me truly...  

Lucy I'm only half of a man 

Only you complete me truly... 


I will strive for 

Till the end of times 

I'll live for you... 

And if you say you do

So baby let's go make

our dreams come true... 




First time our lines crossed

I couldn't hide my blush

Kept one eye on you like that guy Cyclops

I knew I needed you I couldn't fight that urge

Since '016 I've been needing you like O2

When I hold you, girl it's soul food

Home is where the heart is, you're my go to


Baby you're my postal

Lucy what you make me feel is lucid

I thank the heaven for this chance and that I took it

Any part of my plans you're included

One glance isn't enough when I look at...


You're beautiful and there are no words to put it

You're loyal too and that has what has kept us moving

Smart, intellectual plus you're amusing

God must have settled down to create this type of woman

Oh God! 

I can't stop loving

Yeah we've had times when it was not working

Many fights yeah I guess we were both stubborn 

But when we settle, we go harder when we both loving... 

I say again! 



We created a life

It's us against the world but I'm paying no mind

Everytime I fall you gotta blame your smile

I don't want eternity if it's not you and I

I'll be nuts if I don't tie the knot with you

It'll be off if we don't make it official

Step on the throttle and ride into the sun with you

With our son in the back eating popsicles

Head over heels that you gave me a me

You're peaceful waters and I'm craving a swim

We're more than lovers we're one hell of a team

When I count my blessings girl I count you and him

It's been one hell of a ride

But there's no one I'd rather be beside

We made it work now we walking the aisle

From a little spark we made a fire

That's life! 



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