Change is constant in the world, and technology is one of the innovations that have made it so. The type of currencies we were once used to were traditional fiat currencies. These currencies are created and controlled by every country's government, and they put the central bank in charge to control and regulate the currency. For Ghanaians, the traditional fiat currency is the Ghana Cedes. With the traditional means of payment created by governments comes many rules and discrepancies, one the digital currency, cryptocurrency, have come to solve.

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency that is devoid of any control or rules by the government. It is independent in itself and doesn't require any intermediaries. Cryptocurrency is only a decade old, but its impact on the world is already tremendous. 

Like your fiat currency, cryptocurrency can also be used to sell and buy things on the internet. Yes! It only exists on the internet because it is a virtual currency. Cryptocurrency has gained so much popularity in Ghana and the world at large because of investment returns. 

When you buy cryptocurrencies, the value goes up over time, and you stand a chance to gain from it; if you are patient enough. Let's take the bitcoin cryptocurrency, for example, the most popular cryptocurrency worldwide. When bitcoin was first introduced in 2009, it cost $1, but through an exponential increase in its supply and demand, bitcoin now cost over $50,000. That means those that could buy it in 2009 and wait for an increase are now millionaires. We can't say the same for local banks that often offer nothing more than 10% interest.

In Ghana today, cryptocurrency is in its full bloom, and it is a beautiful thing to see. Every other day, there's a commercial for crypto exchange platforms on the TV or billboards. The increase in the number of cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Ghana is due to the number of crypto users. The downside of having so many exchange platforms is that it makes the proliferation of scammers easy, raising fear in many hearts.

If you require a crypto exchange platform in Ghana that is reliable and trustworthy, Dart Africa is the exchange platform for you. 

Why you should choose Dart Africa

Dart Africa has been around for some years and has proven to be the best exchange platform to sell bitcoin in Ghana. By deciding to use Dart Africa to sell your bitcoin, you no longer have to bother about the wiles of scammers and rippers on the internet. Dart Africa protects all their customers with the advanced and world-class security technology used in developing the site.

The creators of Dart Africa believes that the best way to gain the trust of their customers is to make speedy payments, and that is how they operate. When you exchange your bitcoin for cash on Dart Africa, as long as the transaction is confirmed and verifiable, you get paid within minutes. Even better, Dart Africa wouldn't charge you for any transaction. Everything is seamless with Dart Africa.

The customer service representatives are dedicated to your needs 24/7 without restrictions. Dart Africa also sells bitcoin at the best rates and allows you to calculate the rates with their rates calculator.


How to sell bitcoin on Dart Africa

Selling bitcoin on Dart Africa is very easy because anyone with a mobile phone can navigate the site. The creators of Dart Africa made the site user-friendly to enable users to carry out transactions without assistance from a third party. To get started on Dart Africa, you must create an account first, after which you become eligible for a Dart Africa bitcoin wallet. Follow the steps below to create an account on Dart Africa and sell your Bitcoin.

        Visit the Dart Africa website at

        Click on sell now.

        Click on sign up here to create a new account.

        Fill in your preferred username.

        Input a valid email address and phone number

        Select a personal password, one that you can easily remember but is unknown to others. Note: you are not required to share your password with anybody for security reasons.

        Agree to the terms and conditions of Dart Africa.

        Click on create an account. 

        An email for account verification is sent to the email address you provided. Click on verify, and you immediately become a member of Dart Africa.

After creating your account, you can proceed to sell your bitcoin by following the steps below.

        Click on sell now 

        Log into your account via Dart Africa website by providing your email and password.

        Scroll down to the sales section on your dashboard.

        Select the type of coin.

        Input the amount of coin and its amount in USD, and GHS will be displayed immediately.

        Click on sell coins now

        Make payments to the wallet details given or scan the QR code to continue.

        Immediately your payment is confirmed and verified by Dart Africa; your account will be credited.


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