[EVENT] Warri BBQ Fest

Warri BBQ Fest.

Warri people we are on fire right! I ended the year at the 2019 BBQ fest Warri. I was invited as an influencer and I gotta say I was totally impressed. The turnout was amazing, I honestly can’t wait for the next fest. Any fest at all, I’m going to be there! The Day was packed with food, fun, networking and partying. Lots of amazing street style, street food, amazing music, like I can’t list everything. I’d let the pictures do the talking. The fest delivered all it promised, the DJ was on fire, networking opportunities, great food from different vendors, the options were endless! Our trusted Sizzlers was there also, giving out their amazing food! Plus let’s not forget the barbecue cow!! Warri BBQ Fest Mr. Jollof was present as well, we explored together. For those that don’t know Mr. Jollof, he is an online blogger. You can totally check out his amazing Instagram @mr_jollof which provided all these amazing pictures for me cause I was unable to take any But as you can see, we had so much fun, we ate, walked around and it felt like Xmas, at some point I even danced! (Those who know me know I don’t dance). Warri BBQ Fest The only bad thing about that day was the terrible cocktails from one of the vendors! It looked so pretty but it didn’t taste nice at all, I was not about to waste it though so I sucked it up like that! Warri BBQ Fest Anyway, thanks Warri, thanks CVN GLOBAL, thanks bbq fest, can’t wait for the next one. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO A FESTIVAL IN NIGERIA? WHAT WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE?

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