ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Unprecedented Story of Kika Good Hair

The Unprecedented Story of Kika Good Hair

The Unprecedented Story of Kika Good Hair

Kika Osunde, is widely & fondly known as Kika Good Hair is a serial entrepreneur driven by turning impossibilities to possibilities, fashion & luxury hair enthusiast & a computer media application influencer, with over ten years of business experience.
  The Unprecedented Story of Kika Good Hair 

 Kika Good Hair is regarded as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Nigeria. 

She is the Co-Founder of Good Hair Ltd, Brass & Copper Lifestyle & the Good Hair Space a diversified conglomerate, based in Nigeria, with business interests and subsidiaries in neighboring West African countries & Europe.

In further recognition of her many contributions to the economic and social development of Nigeria and her consistent commitment to good causes and the Nigerian nation, as a philanthropist she founded Kika Osunde Foundation by financially elevating poorer communities by providing funded schemes to support and continuously improve the generation of small businesses and entrepreneurship across Africa and Europe with financial & Non-financial Support through Kika Osunde Foundation Entrepreneur Fund 

A standardized holistic tool aimed at supporting entrepreneurs by providing affordable and accessible financing, provision of entrepreneurship training and personal development support, access to mentorships from experts and high value members in relevant industries, providing micro and small to medium enterprises with ongoing support, ensuring their businesses are de-risked making them attractive and furthermore lucrative to potential iinvestors Creating sustainable employment opportunities and tailored solutions to developmental challenges within Africa by building successful businesses within the African landscape & provision of training in specific areas relevant business operations i.e., finance and financial reporting, marketing, business plan development etc. 

The Unprecedented Story of Kika Good Hair  

Through Kika Osunde Foundation with the hope and goal, to create a substantial and positive exchange between poorer communities and individuals or organizations with an immense scale of expertise and knowledge, to help improve the lives of people living in developing ecosystems and economies.

  The Unprecedented Story of Kika Good Hair

She understands that not everyone is exposed to the same level of opportunity, support and guidance and she firmly believes that this foundation will be a platform upon which we can provide those without this opportunity the chance to make a way for themselves, to encourage the shift from unemployed to entrepreneur. 

The only epithets that can aptly capture the essence of this visionary lady is a colossus. A personality that encompasses simplicity and a knack for qualitative service to humanity and especially giving back to our generation.

Kika Osunde is garbed with enviable success with a guiding mantra that says (Preparing generation for total greatness) A lady who has attracted multiple honorees with a catalog and a dazzling height success. 

Kika Osunde is leading light and a formidable beckon of hope in our generation. Hear her and what she thinks about our generation, “Our aim is to make future leaders of this generation such as to have self-confidence to meet the challenges of the future, the humility to knowledge, the success of others, the compassion to support others who encounter difficulties and the maturity to take responsibility for their own action” Kika Good Hair is a visionary pacesetter and a woman of valor.            

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